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The Happy Child - Parenting App

Grants you access to cutting-edge research and tips that will help you raise a happy, well-adjusted child. Years of ground-breaking research and findings in Psychology, Neuroscience and Pediatrics have been curated into one easy-to-use app… for free (no in-app-purchases)!

In Love while Parenting

No need to spend precious time combing through countless articles, reading lists, or listening to unsolicited advice. Our daily lessons will help you manage relationship information overload by giving science-based advice. These short, easy-to-understand lessons can be implemented immediately to improve your family life.

Apps Reviews

I am a child psychiatrist. This app is fantastic. I have started recommending it in my practice.

Tim Ehmann

As a mental health therapist, I would recommend this app to anyone looking to strengthen their relationship bonds with their children and significant others.

Lara Pomnitz, LMSW

As a trained marriage and family therapist, many of the lessons are concepts that I already implement in my practice with couples. What a wonderful resource, and free too!

Stevi Stephens

Thank you for developing this app! It is an excellent tool (I’m saying this as a parent of four kids and a family therapist). I’m going to share this with all my clients and family!

Tiffani Lloyd

As a therapist I was familiar with the concepts in this training app, but they are articulated in such a clear way that it is really beneficial to help process the information and keep the ideas in mind. I would definitely recommend this app.

Jamie Caspian

This was very helpful to spark dialogue with my partner about not only our relationship with our kids, but also our own relationship. It is full of quality information and helpful tips. Being a license therapist, this supports the most recent research on deep bonds and loving relationships.

Bob Dick

I totally recommend this app. I am a psychologist and have learnt very useful new information and tools for myself and my patients. It’s easy to follow and the videos are helpful to understand.

Gaby Sempertegui

As a researcher myself, I always look for evidence – based strategies. Preferably in easy to digest, low-time commitments. This app delivered both. Thank you! ♥

Rebecca Roston

This app is truly useful, as a psychologist I highly recommend following these lessons at any given period of your journey as a parent and partner.

Louise Poittevin

An excellent application for people who are interested in cultivating relationships with children and partners. Much has been written about relationships, usually based on personal or clinical psychological experience. In this application, they are based on scientific data from brain research and our mental reactions. Everything is presented in an understandable and practically usable form. As a psychologist and psychotherapist, I definitely recommend this application (Translated from Czech)

Jiří Macháček

My husband is a child and family counselor, so I thought I would know everything in this app. However, this app has been so helpful! It is explained so simply and in ways that are easy to use immediately. Highly recommend as an invested to your family life!!!

Hannah Thomas

Easy to follow, tiny part of your day. CRUCIAL lessons to learn to improve the relationships in your life. This is the base of what we teach parents in family therapy!

Ka Ve

Compelling and incredibly helpful. I’m a therapist and feel like I struck gold in finding this app for myself and my clients. The content is excellent and delivered in a way that’s very easy to digest. Love it!

Kim Beck

I am a CBT therapist. I am in love with this app. Simple explanations about our brain and the behavior that would help to build loving relationships! After first few lessons, I shared it with all my colleagues and friends and my partner. Hard to believe? Just try it! For your relationship’s sake 🙏❤

Sabīne Vilciņa

This is an application that society needed. A huge thank you for making all this knowledge accessible to the general population. I am finishing my doctorate in adult clinical psychology and am doing my thesis on marital relations (the links between attachment in love and long-term marital satisfaction). I hope all families will know this app for our children of tomorrow. (Translated from French)

Daphnée Genesse

I am a professional counselor and feel this is app is super helpful, and spot on with the information they are presenting. Highly recommended!

Jamie White

I’m a counselor and I thought this app would just be a brief refresher for me. WRONG! This app has radically shifted how I view my relationship with my husband and child. We love this app!

Hailey Rogers

I am a licensed therapist and I am confident this would be useful for anyone who plans to interact with anyone

Ashley Radtke

As a family trauma therapist, I find the lessons in this app easy for others to understand, and it’s loaded with great content!

Laura Diane

As a therapist, I’d encourage ALL to use this app, regardless if a parent or not! I’m a huge fan!

Laura Moody

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this app, it is very user friendly the information is easy to digest and actually learn from. As a mother and a licensed therapist I found the information to be accurate and helpful!

Jessika Hynson

This app has helped me understand emotions and personal bonds much better. It uses short informative units to explain psychological/biochemical concepts via videos, quizzes you on the most important points so you won’t forget and backs all its advice with research. I didn’t expect much, when I first installed it, but it will definitely have a lasting impact on my life, my job (teacher) and relationships. Thank you for creating this! (Did I mention that it is completely free/without ads?)

Anne Busse

The content is absolutely outstanding. I’m a special education teacher and I’ll be recommending this app to all my future students and families.

Andrew Johnson

Fantastic App! Just the right amount of time for each lesson…5 min max. Interesting!! Info should be taught in school hospitals, and any other place. Applies to all relationships, and how bonding is the key to long lasting, deep and healthy relationships! Great app!!!

Crystal Ellefson

It all seems a bit cheesy at first but it is really helpful. It is helping me understand my children’s behaviour and how I can affect them positively. I am a teacher who has been dealing with child behaviour for decades. This app is helping me learn about my feelings and those of my family and how to cope with them in our busy lives. I would recommend it to others.

Sarah Akuffo-Kumih

I really enjoyed this app! It gave me really good insight into my relationships with both my husband and my daughter. I am also a school teacher and I have been able to apply some of what I have learned to my teaching and interactions with my learners.

Cindy Wentzel
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